Philosophy Class

Alexander Hughes Center | 10:30-12:30PM

Reading sensei Perry’s book: Remembering O-sensei

We will begin the 2020 year by reading a book dear to me: Remembering O-sensei. Published by Shambhala Publications in 2002, this project took me to Japan with my old friend and esteemed Aikido teacher - Mary Heiny sensei - to interview many direct students of O-sensei. Remembering O-sensei creates an image of the Founder of Aikido from the memories of those who dealt with him: his direct students, religious figures that knew him, even the maker of his keikogi. Many of these people are no longer living.

In this class we take turns reading to each other and discussing points as we go along. Little by little we make it through the entire book.

Books will be provided for in-class use. To order your own, check with Daniel Tran at the dojo or order through Shambhala Publications

"Remembering O-sensei is a remarkable book. …. Reading this book I came to know O-sensei as never before. I literally couldn’t put it down.” George Leonard, author of Mastery and The Way of Aikido

“….Remembering O-sensei is a delight to read and a joy to contemplate.” John Stevens, author of Budo Secrets.

“Susan Perry has performed a valuable service by collecting personal experiences with O-sensei from many of his students and the people who were privileged to meet him….” Mitsugi Saotome, author of Aikido and the Harmony of Nature

Fascinating, inspiring, engaging, Susan Perry’s Remembering O-sensei offers everyone insight into the mind and heart of the founder of Aikido. Reading it, I once again felt I was in the presence of O-sensei.” Mary Heiny, Aikido sixth-degree black belt

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